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How to Prepare for a Session
Don't Fear, We've Got You Covered. In Case the Nerves are Getting the Best of You, Read This Tips and Tricks Guide to Help You Feel AND Look Your Best. We are About to Create History.

Clothing Tips

First of all, pick your outfit(s) the night before, that way you won’t feel rushed day of. Avoid busy patterns, loud colors, large logos (unless your sponsored, then sure and congrats), or anything that crowds your face. That means bulky turtlenecks are out. Sorry Dwayne Johnson. Really, if you take one thing away from this, we hope it is this; the key to a great outfit is in the color palette. Search Google, Instagram, and Pinterest for color palettes that excite you. Then arrange that into your outfit.


Solid-colored shirts that compliment your skin tone or muted patterns are always a great go-to! When it comes to styling, layers are a wonderful idea, especially in those colder months as it allows you to keep warm while looking stunning! Also, layers allow you to have multiple outfits in one. Don't forget about the texture as well. If that wool sweater your grandma got you 3 birthdays ago makes you itchy right after you tug it on, then maybe go for your favorite silk button-down. Remember, the idea is to be comfortable and stylish. If you love showing off your body, pull out that short-cropped tee! If that's not your favorite thing, opt for whatever full-length top you love! 


Again, think about what you are most comfortable in. If you love wearing mini-skirts, do it. If not, maybe look at your favorite pair of jeans instead. Think about mobility as well. Whether we are outside or inside, we want you to feel free to move and bend throughout the duration of the shoot. Now this doesn’t mean opting for the baggiest pair of gym shorts you have. Maybe throw those in the washer and reach for another pair of stylish bottoms. Blue jeans are always a great choice for a more casual look. Chinos or khakis are great for a more professional look. For dresses and skirts, think about pairing them with a warm pair of leggings in the winter or let them free flow in the warm summer air. A good start to finding the perfect bottoms for your outfit is first figuring out what you will use these photos for. Want to use these photos for your corporate website? Maybe leave your ripped jeans at home. What to add a photo or two to your Tinder profile, maybe opt for a casual pair of shorts? Whatever you do, be excited to wear what you choose. Don't dread having to wear them the next day. Also, when it comes to matching colors to your top, think about complimentary colors. or balance. Wearing a more vibrant top? Perhaps go with a more neutral bottom. Remember, just because your top and bottom are technically the same color, it doesn't mean they go together... a navy blue shirt doesn't necessarily go with navy blue pants...


Now shoes, obviously, wear them. We might take them off during the shoot if the session calls for it but chances are you are going to need them to even get to the shoot. When it comes to matching shoes the easiest advice we can give is to match your shoes to your belt. Not wearing a belt, no worries, wear shoes that are complimentary of the primary color you are wearing. (Wearing olive green? Go for a nude, brown, or white shoe. Wearing red? Go for a white, black, or even yellow shoe. (Careful that last one can slip into Ronald McDonald real quick…) You can never go wrong with a nude, black, or white shoe regardless, so use that if you must.


Let’s talk accessories. The iconic Coco Chanel always said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” This can be the key to avoid over accessorizing. If large hoop earrings and a wrist full of bracelets is your thing, perfect! If not, don’t pretend it is. Choose accessories that won’t give you a hard time, physically or mentally. The last thing you want is to be thinking about how close your necklace is to falling off or how that rhinestone bracelet is pulling out every last arm hair. We want you to be in the moment, present, and COMFORTABLE! Typically, a nice set of earrings and a necklace will do, who knows maybe even a stylish watch and some rings! Same goes for headbands, bandanas, headwraps, turbans, ribbons, etc. If those are your thing, do it. If not, don’t even try.


Face and Hair Tips

Drink plenty of water the night before, your skin will thank you in the morning! This helps fight dark circles and gives your skin a natural healthy glow. In addition, get plenty of sleep the night before. For your make-up day of, go for a more natural look that will stand the test of time. (This advice applies to all gender expressions and identities). While we love playing with wild colors and extraordinary eyeshadow, it is (in most cases) best to choose a more natural look that still fits your style to keep you as versatile as possible! (If you feel you can’t stray away from a stunning eyeshadow color look for a Warm Orange or a Rich, Dark Purple. These colors add a gentle pop of color to the face while still looking very professional and versatile.)

*Now let us pause on the crazy cool colorful makeup and say, this may not apply to all photoshoots, maybe we are doing something wild and that makeup would fit in really well, who knows! Use your best judgment in this decision and think about what you will feel most powerful and confident in!*

Don’t be afraid to apply a light translucent setting powder or powder foundation to minimize shine, pores, and give you an overall airbrushed look! Also, DO NOT forget your Chapstick or a nice nude/sheer gloss! For teeth, avoid consuming anything that could stain your teeth such as coffee and tea, and don’t forget to brush and floss! Trust us, there will be plenty of time for coffee afterward. And finally, hair. Just like your outfit, plan what you want to do the night before. That allows plenty of time in case you need to start on your hair routine 24 hours or more before the shoot. On the day of, throw a gentle brush or comb through it if needed, some gel or hairspray if that’s your thing, grab the curler, straightener, flat iron, or anything you need to give it that perfect touch!

A Indie Playlist we love to play in the studio for chill vibes.

Day of Tips

Remember that gorgeous outfit you put together? Yeah, bring that. Remember the accessories you just couldn’t decide on? Bring those too. And oh yeah, remember all of the makeup and hair care products you touched to bring out your inner beauty? Yeah you already know, throw them in a bag and bring them along! Pretty much bring anything you even *think* you might need. This will allow you to have everything at your disposal should a sudden gust of wind throw some hair out of place, or you smudge your eyeliner. If you aren’t sure, bring it anyway! While getting ready and on your way to the shoot, rock out to your favorite pump-up music. Get loose and comfortable, find a good energy to be in before you even step onto the set. Don’t know what to play? We always suggest 2000’s/2010’s pop, think Rihanna, Lady Gaga, or Ariana Grande.

Check out these playlists, we may be biased but they're our go-to's...

A Pop Playlist meant for dancing and good vibes. EXPLICIT


Know what you like and RELAX

Take some time before the shoot to understand what you are looking for with these photos. What are you using them for? How do you want to come across? What will these photos say about you? Feel free to look at your favorite aesthetic website and get a feel for what it is you want to see in these photos. Any and all research will help your photographer nail down your perfect photograph! Lastly, RELAX! You aren’t about to serve jury duty; we promise it will be more fun than that! Take a deep breath and smile. This is your moment to capture the best of you and we are so pleased to be a part of it!

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