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Frequently Asked Questions
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How do I order prints?

Easy, hop over to our ICON PORTAL, enter the information given to you after your session via email, and viola! You can see your entire album of photos, order prints, digitals, and so much more. Don't see what you're looking for, just email us instead (

How do I set up a photoshoot?

Just click here > REQUEST A SESSION (Or if you wanna be a little more extravagant, DM us on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok).

What is the Non-Refundable Session Fee?

Time is valuable. We require the session fee to be paid in full before your session is booked. This protects your time as well as ours. It also guarantees we set aside enough time for your session. If you were to cancel your shoot, we wouldn't be able to fill your spot in a timely manner that respects everyone's time. And that makes us sad. It is for that reason we require the Non-Refundable Session Fee. Your time slot is not confirmed until that fee is paid. This means any other photoshoot could steal that time slot. Once the fee is paid, your session is officially booked! From there, we get to look forward to seeing what we can create.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my session?

We're all human, we get it, shit happens. If you need to cancel your session completely your session fee will not be refunded. Again, see above for why we don't refund session fees. You will then have to pay another session fee should you decide to set up another session with us. We do not recommend this. However, if something comes up you should reach out to us as soon as possible and reschedule your session! This we do recommend. If you reschedule, your session fee will be used for that session. Sounds like saving money and that's fun, isn't it? As we said, we're all human, so please keep in contact with us for all scheduling concerns, we don't like being left on read.

How do I receive my images?

Within 5-7 days after your shoot, you will receive an email link to a Google Photos Album. In this album you will select all of the photos you would like. Every photo you select we will then edit and reupload into that album so you can get a final look before we send the photos to print. This is where you can give us any feedback regarding the photos and we can make those last minute changes. After you give us the all-clear, we'll order your prints and upload your photos to our ICON PORTAL. We'll send you an email with all of the information you need to access that portal. The ICON PORTAL is there so you can download your digital images and reorder any photos you may not have ordered previously! Prints can vary in completion time so we will keep you in the loop on when you should expect those to arrive!

What are Digital Image Files?

In all of our packages and as an a la carte item we provide a specific number of image files digitally. We know you are dying to use your photos for all of your profile pictures, cover photos, etc., so as a way to avoid sloppy Nokia 2001 pictures of printed photographs like the ones your mom takes of your baby pictures to post on Facebook, we provide your images digitally as well.  With your order, you will receive your Digital Image Files via the ICON PORTAL. You can download them at full resolution and put them ALL OVER YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA. But hey, please give credit where credit is due, we wanna see your cute little Instagram post too so make sure to tag us wherever you post it. Facebook: @cadenjohnphotography | Instagram: @cadenjohn_photography | TikTok: @cadenjohn_photography

Do you provide unedited images?

TL;DR - No. 

Here's why. While we think you are gorgeous just the way you are, we also have a creative vision and perspective when it comes to photography. You are the icon of the photograph and we want to make sure you look the best in every way. Basically, we want you to see yourself in these images the way we see you. We will never give you the RuPaul's Drag Race Season 1 filter look (if you don't know what that means, gurl google it.) But we will enhance the photo to showcase you and our brand in the best way. 

What happens in the allotted session time?

To be honest, more than you can imagine. Remember, we are creating iconic masterpieces with every photo. And you are the star. To start, we will be bending, twisting, and curating you in every pose to ensure you are looking your best. Don't know how to pose, forget about it, that's our job. Your job is to be you and to exude all of the best parts about you. The most important thing is good vibes and the creation of art. Together we will accomplish just that. Also, our time limit consists solely of time spent during the photoshoot. So anything like a few minutes for an outfit change or a makeup touch-up or us changing up the set will not count towards your session time. 

Can I bring support people to the shoot?

Why the hell not? We want you to be comfortable in the session, so go right ahead! We ask that you don't hold a family reunion during the photoshoot but a few support people are more than welcome on location. (Let's burst a bubble real quick, just because Mom and Dad are on location with us, doesn't suddenly make your portrait shoot a family shoot. We're sorry, but also not sorry at all. Changing what the plan is means we have to adjust our plan as well. And doing that secretly isn't cool. If you wanna get a few shots with you and the fam, let us know beforehand, and then we can plan accordingly. We like planning accordingly. And you should too. ) They are also welcome to take behind-the-scenes photos and the like with their phones! However, we prohibit using professional cameras of any kind during the session. Who do we classify as support people? Anyone! It could be your friend, your parent or guardian, your grandpa, whomever you'd like!

Why should I choose CadenJohn Photography?

Honestly, why would you even ask that? Nah, that is an extremely valid question. Choosing a photographer can be difficult and we strongly believe in taking your time when selecting the perfect photographer for the job. After all, you want to be able to cherish these photos for years to come. This is why we take a great deal of care, artistic ability, and detail into each session. We have been artists our entire lives, in all types of mediums, and in our own individual ways. This is what drives our passion to create exceptional images with you. Sure, they may just be headshots for your real estate business or family photos for the Christmas card, but they are still works of art. With our combined minds we have the opportunity to create something magical, artistic, and who knows, maybe something even a little life-changing. This is why we pay a great deal of attention to visual appeal, detail, style, perspective, and of course you and showcasing the best version of you we possibly can. We pride ourselves on being focused on the art form before anything else. To us, our work is an expression of love and creativity within ourselves and our clients. This is also why we keep our prices as affordable as possible. Because everyone deserves outstanding photographs without having to sell a few organs. And when we say everyone, we mean everyone. All peoples, expressions, and identities are welcome in our studio. Art is a place of love, creativity, dedication, passion, and brilliance. No law will ever take that away from us. We don't mean to brag but we like to think we're pretty great! And we would love the opportunity to work with you and be a part of your legacy. If you're still not convinced, send us a message, and we'd be happy to tell you more! :)

Didn't answer your question? Sorry, shoot us a message and we can explain further!

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