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Caden and Izabelle are real-life best friends and artists who have been dedicated to creating larger-than-life photos for their clients for over 3 years. They met in kindergarten and have been inseparable for over a decade. Both have found a voice in photography and have chosen to amplify the existence of anyone willing to become an icon. They break the mold on conventional portraits, headshots, sports photos, and photography in general by altering your perspective. Seeing life through a different lens is beautiful and allows us all to tell a story in ways we may not have previously understood.

Caden is a recent graduate of the University of Northern Colorado with a BA in Theatre Arts: Design and Technology. He emphasized in Lighting Design and also managed to Minor in English-Writing and collect a certificate in Arts Entrepreneurship. Originally, from Rapid City, SD, Caden is a published writer, photographer, and has most recently had his work featured in the international gallery at the PQ Performance Design and Space 2023. Caden is the primary photographer for the brand as well as the editor of almost every work of art. Oftentimes, it is through his vision, that CadenJohn Photography's greatest masterpieces have come to life. 


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Izabelle is a student at Arizona State University Online pursuing a degree in Business and Family and Human Development. She is working on becoming a therapist or counselor and opening her own practice in the future. Also from Rapid City, SD, Izabelle has spent the last few years living in several different states, from AZ to CO, learning and growing as an individual and artist. She started in photography as a model herself and continues to do so. When she isn't in front of the camera she is the vital lifeblood behind the scenes, assisting with photoshoots, managing the TikTok account, and keeping Caden and the brand on track. She is an icon in every way and the reason Caden hasn't lost his mind quite yet. 

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